Hackers create 2,850 new mobile threats every day. It’s best to play it safe with our Antivirus. It not just protects you against the viruses, but also alerts you about the dubious apps.

Remotely Locate & Ring Alarm

Track the location of your phone using web dashboard or simply by sending an SMS. If you have misplaced it, you can make it ring at full volume even if it is on silent mode.

Remote Lock & Wipe

If your phone can’t be found, lock it or completely wipe it clean so thieves can’t take advantage of you

SIM Change Alert

If a thief changes your SIM, you’ll get SMS alerts on up to three predefined numbers without thief’s knowledge, i.e. SMS won’t show in sent items

SMS Scheduler

Do you often forget to wish birthdays or anniversaries to your dear ones? Here’s an app which makes your life easy. Just schedule an SMS and forget.

System Optimizer

Does your smartphone perform very slowly? Don’t let it act stupid. Enhance its performance with system optimizer and get make the most of it.

Task Manager

Kill the unnecessary apps and background processes with task manager and save your phone’s precious resources like battery and processing power

Disguise Mode

Your app won’t look like a security app. This will fool any thief and dissuade from uninstallation.

Data Backup

Backup your most important data: contacts, SMS and call logs with our app. Restore it if you ever lose your data and view your data on web dashboard.

Mobile Security

Our mobile phones contain important and sensitive data. Discover our apps which keep your data safe and prevent your phone from getting stolen.

Mobile Assurance

Mobile phones are susceptible to damage: they can slip out of your hand, fall from table, land in a pool of water or worse, it can get stolen. Insure your phone from these unforeseen events.

Pickup & Drop

Visiting a service centre to get your phone repaired can be tedious and expensive. Let us do this work for you. So sit back, relax!


Equip your children with a revolutionary education tool which will enhance the way they learn and compete against the ever growing competition.

Extended Warranty

Repairing a device can cost you more than buying a new one. We provide most comprehensive coverage with highly convenient door-step service and it’s cashless

More Apps

We are continuously bringing you apps which let you do more with your smartphone. Keep checking our website to keep posted.