Apps FAQ
  • Which Android versions are supported by this app?
    You can use our apps on Android 4.0 (Ice cream Sandwich) or above.
  • What all products are available? What are the differences?
    We have three app suites: Ultimate Backup, Ultimate Anti Theft and Ultimate Security. All these apps are available with and without mobile protection bundle.
  • How can I check my contacts and SMS backed up using Ultimate Security on the web?
    You can login using your username and password from here and check your contacts and SMS there.
  • How can I install the app on my phone?
    You can download our app installation file (.apk file) from here
  • How does locate phone work?
    You will first need to fetch your phone's location by sending the keyword as SMS from any other phone. The default keyword is Locate space *your application password*. You can set your own keyword from the app. If the GPS on your phone is on and it could lock in signal, you will get the phone's location via SMS reply. If GPS is off, an approximate location based on cellular data shall be sent. You can check the last known location of your phone on your web dashboard.
Mobile Protection FAQ
  • What are the different covers available or what covers does the customer receive?
    1. Theft Cover
    2. Accidental Damage Cover
    Theft - Any kind of theft to the equipment supported by:
    • FIR
    • Un-trace Report/ Final Report
    • SIM-Disconnection letter
    Accidental damage - means any accidental damage and malicious damage that are not covered by the brand in their manufacturer's warranty in 1st year.
  • What is the period of cover and when does the cover start?
    Accidental Damage - 1 year (i.e. 365 days) from the date of registration. Theft - 1 year (i.e. 365 days) from the date of registration. Please note –The Policy number can be obtained by customers after registration of the policy with WIA.
  • What all equipment's can be covered under the Policy?
    Any new portable equipment can be covered like –
    • Mobile Phones
    • Tablet PCs
  • What is the process for Policy Registration?
    Customers will need to signup in the app with their details and purchase code. Once the signup is complete, they'll see a message in the app showing their Mobile Protection Reference Number (IRN). They will also receive if via SMS and email. They have to provide this IRN to retailer to complete registration process. For any future correspondence, quote this IRN.
  • Why should a customer buy Theft Mobile Protection?
    Reasons to buy Theft Mobile Protection cover –
    • One mobile phone is stolen every 12 seconds
    • Loss of mobile or any other portable equipment due to theft is a major concern for buyers
    • Customers stretch their budget to purchase latest gadgets and cannot afford to lose them
    • Theft mobile protection plan guarantees to safeguard customer's interest in case of any theft from outside (whilst traveling) or Inside the premises or vehicle.
  • Why should a customer buy accidental damage?
    Reasons to buy Accidental Damage cover –
    • Original Repairs are expensive from authorized repair centers
    • Equipment usually gets damaged due to fall or breaks during use
    • Specially today's smart devices have big screens size that tends to cracks on single drop
    • No damages are covered by brand in their warranty period for 1st year
    • Accidental Damage guarantees to safeguard customers in case of any such problems faced during the 1st year which are not covered
    • By the brand's under their warranty
    • Customers get replacement cost (in case of total loss) or gets original repair from authorized service center with genuine parts and labor
  • What are the documents required for claims?
    Documents Required for Theft claim settlement:
    • FIR under IPC section – 379/ 380/ 382
    • Non Traceable Report/ Final Report
    • SIM- disconnection letter
    • Copy of Purchase Invoice
    • Original Mobile Protection Certificate
    • Self- Translation of the FIR in Hindi/ English in case if written in any other vernacular language
    • A declaration of the complete incident on a white paper addressed to National Insurance Co Ltd.
    • Photo – ID card and Bank A/c Details (for fund transfer)

    Documents Required for Accidental Damage claim settlement:
    • Repair Estimate/ Service Job- Sheet
    • Final Repair Invoice/ Bill (Paid with seal and stamp)
    • Copy of Purchase Invoice
    • Copy of Cover Certificate (the one signed and sealed by the dealer)
    • A declaration on a white paper by the customer addressed to National Insurance Co. Ltd. describing the Incident faced resulting to the damage of the equipment.
    • Spare parts (if any)
    • Photo – ID card and Bank A/c Details (for fund transfer)
  • Is the cover transferable?
    The cover is only transferable in the following cases:
    SWAP of the equipment/ DOA/ DOP cases
    A prior imitation has to made by the customer and is required to get the new IMEI No. or Serial number of the equipment registered with us.
  • Is Mobile Protection available in all products?
    Mobile Protection is optional with all three app suites.
extended warranty FAQ
  • What is Extended Warranty?
    Extended warranty is a replica of manufacturer’s warranty and covers everything which is covered under the manufacturer’s warranty. It comes while purchasing a new consumer durable/mobile device.
  • What is Manufacturer’s Warranty?
    Manufacturer’s Warranty is a limited warranty provided by manufacturer of the product that covers manufacturing defects in the product.
  • Why should I buy Extended Warranty?
    The primary reason for buying an Extended Warranty is to have extra protection for your valuable durable/device after expiry of the manufacturer’s warranty period. For majority of the durable/device, manufacturer’s warranty is usually offered for a period of 6 months to 12 months. After expiry of this period, you are likely to incur significant expenses if the durable/device fails. However, with the help of our Extended Warranty, you can enjoy comprehensive protection for your valuable durable/device for a period of 12/24 months even after expiry of the manufacturer’s warranty period.
  • Will I get same coverages which manufacturer has provided?
    Yes, you will get same coverages as in manufacturer’s warranty with a complete peace of mind for extended period as chosen.
  • How would I get benefitted post buying extended Warranty?
    You will get the tenure extended for warranty to one or two as per your requirement, which would be the replica of manufacturer’s warranty. In case of any claim, you need to call on our toll-free number where customer care executive will take it forward with authorised service centre, in turn service personnel will visit your place to repair CD, for which service would be cashless.
  • When do I have to buy the Extended Warranty?
    You can buy the Extended Warranty within 120 days of purchasing the consumer durable/mobile device.
  • When does the period of Extended Warranty commence and terminate?
    The Policy Period will commence on the expiry of the Manufacturer’s Warranty period and will be in force for the next 12/24 months. For instance, an LCD TV purchased on 01 January, 2016 with a Manufacturer’s Warranty period of 1 year, ending on 31 December, 2016. The Extended Warranty policy will commence on 1st January, 2017 and will be in force for the next 12/24 months and shall expire on 31st December, 2017/2018.
  • Is Extended Warranty transferable and renewable?
    Extended Warranty will expire if there is a change in ownership of the consumer durable/device. Moreover, EW cannot be renewed after it has expired.
  • I am in a transferable job, what if my city gets changed, will I get services in another city?
    Yes, we have pan India network, hence, you will not face any problem while getting services in India. You need to call on toll-free number printed on our warranty card, from anywhere in India, our customer care executive will take it forward with authorised service centre. In turn service personnel, will visit your place to repair durable/device, for which service would be cashless.
  • What if consumer durable/mobile model which I have bought, gets obsolete after two years or has some problem which is non-repairable?
    We would replace your durable/device with the model having nearest value and features, but not beyond the value of owned durable/device.
  • Will it be doorstep service? As I am generally out of town due to business tour, how would I get services.
    Yes, we are providing doorstep services, where you just have call on our toll-free number, rest we would do to provide complete peace of mind.
  • How to make payment to purchase EW now?
    You can directly pay to the retailer from where you have bought the durable/device, within 120 days of purchase of durable/device.
  • When can I buy the Extended Warranty?
    EW can be directly bought from retailer from where you have bought the durable/device within 120 days of purchase of durable/device.
  • How much will it cost?
    EW is very economical. With nominal payment of amount, you can buy EW from the same retailer from where you have bought durable/device within 120 days of purchase of durable/device.
  • Can I purchase EW after expiry of warranty provided by manufacture?
    No, EW cannot be availed post expiry of manufacturer’s warranty, the same can be bought within 120 days of durable/device purchase.
  • What is the guarantee that I would get services after expiry of Manufacturer’s warranty?
    We are present across country, & pioneer in mobile EW, and now we are in consumer durable EW, apart from this we are in to mobile accessories with name “CULT” and now in cell phone with name of LeEco. Hence, you are in good hands.
  • Is EW transferable? Can I get the EW transferred to my new consumer durable/mobile device, if I sell the old one within manufacturer warranty?
    Yes, you can transfer EW, if the durable/device is within manufacturer’s warranty but, within 15 days of purchase of durable/device.
  • If I sell durable/device before EW starts, will I get refund of what I paid for getting EW? If yes, how much will be deducted?
    No, it is non-refundable and non-transferable. It can be transferred only in case the durable/device is replaced with new durable/device within manufacturer’s warranty or within 15 days of return of CD purchased.
  • How would services be provided in case of claim?
    At the happening of event, you need to call on our toll-free number, required detailed will be captured by call centre executive, and guidance will be provided to claimant related with Authorised service centre and warranty details.
  • Where to carry durable/device? Or will it be a doorstep service?
    It will be doorstep service, you need not to carry durable/device anywhere, you just need to call on our toll-free number, inform us about the event, call centre executive will transfer the information to concerned person to provide you doorstep services.
  • Is there any toll-free number where I can call up for any Extended Warranty related matter?
    For any query related to Extended Warranty, you can contact us at our toll free at 011-39586454 (free calls from all mobiles and landlines). You can also write to us at support@appsyouneed.in
  • What is the TAT for settlement of claim/repair of durable/device?
    Settlement TAT is 15 Days.
  • Will the repair be done by an authorised service centre?
    Yes, all kind of repairs would be done by authorised service centres, and would be backed with guaranty by ASC for next three months from repair.
  • If the value of durable/device goes down after two years during the period of extended warranty, and in case of non-repairable durable/device, how the claim be settled?
    In case of such situation we will replace the durable/device by same make and model and in case if the same make & model is not available then we will replace the durable/device with nearest specification having the same value.
  • Will EW be valid on durable/device that is given as a replacement during claims?
    No, extended warranty is non-transferrable and will not be valid for the replacements given during claims.
  • What happens if I face problems in terms of poor revert from the manufacturer?
    If the problem arises within Manufacturer’s Warranty period, you need to deal with the manufacturer directly.
  • Is there a limit to the number of claims I can avail during the Extended Warranty period?
    No, there is no limit to the number of claims. After the claim is verified by the Customer Service Executive, you will be serviced as per the EW terms and conditions.