Threats to our smartphone
~Sukriti Bhardwaj

A Mobile Application, popularly known as “app”, is a program designed to run in smartphones, tablets and other mobile devices. With growing number of smartphone users in India, almost every business has its app now. Increasing number of applications is increasing a threat for smartphone users as far as security is concerned. Most of the applications offer various services in the form of security services and threat protection but either they are way too expensive or they are not trust worthy. There is an urgent need of security in the growing era of smartphone which is trusted, affordable and cover maximum security services in one single platform. Why is there a need of one single security application?

There are a lot of problems a mobile phone user faces these days. There are solutions but either there are different solutions to get rid of different problems explained above and users face it difficult to install multiple apps or they are way too costly. There is an urgent need to solve these problems at the user level even for those who are not that much aware of the technology and security.

Mobile Security

Our mobile phones contain important and sensitive data. Discover our apps which keep your data safe and prevent your phone from getting stolen.

Mobile Assurance

Mobile phones are susceptible to damage: they can slip out of your hand, fall from table, land in a pool of water or worse, it can get stolen. Insure your phone from these unforeseen events.

Pickup & Drop

Visiting a service centre to get your phone repaired can be tedious and expensive. Let us do this work for you. So sit back, relax!


Equip your children with a revolutionary education tool which will enhance the way they learn and compete against the ever growing competition.

Family Pack

Enjoy our apps on up to four devices. Track the location of your loved ones so you can know they are safe. Protect your kids from undesirable content on web.

More Apps

We are continuously bringing you apps which let you do more with your smartphone. Keep checking our website to keep posted.