About Us

We make apps which allows user to make the best use of smartphones.

India, being a country with highest growth of smartphones, has the highest number of first time users of smartphones. Many of them don’t know how to make best use of it. We are making India centric apps which will be best suited for Indians.

Do it for me: DIFM is what we are focused on as we all our apps are being sold through retail outlets where our trained associates help customers choose the most suited apps, install them and train them to use them for their benefit.

We are more focussed not on the avid app users but on the first time app users which are not sure of which apps to use.

We are present across more than 300 outlets across north India and will be present across the country in next one year. We plan to be present in more than 3000 outlets across India.

Mobile Security

Our mobile phones contain important and sensitive data. Discover our apps which keep your data safe and prevent your phone from getting stolen.

Mobile Assurance

Mobile phones are susceptible to damage: they can slip out of your hand, fall from table, land in a pool of water or worse, it can get stolen. Insure your phone from these unforeseen events.

Pickup & Drop

Visiting a service centre to get your phone repaired can be tedious and expensive. Let us do this work for you. So sit back, relax!


Equip your children with a revolutionary education tool which will enhance the way they learn and compete against the ever growing competition.

Family Pack

Enjoy our apps on up to four devices. Track the location of your loved ones so you can know they are safe. Protect your kids from undesirable content on web.

More Apps

We are continuously bringing you apps which let you do more with your smartphone. Keep checking our website to keep posted.